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  1. 30句关于人生感悟的经典英文句子
  2. 生活感悟的英文句子【三篇】


1.Master heart, need not gorgeous, but it must be strong.优等的心,不必华丽,但必须坚固。

2.I go now, for you said you like me once我为你走到如今,你却说喜欢我的曾经。

3.The most Pcious in the world, is not and has lost世界上最珍贵的,是得不到和已失去

4.Would rather do the regret, also dont miss the regret.宁愿做过了后悔,也不要错过了后悔。

5.Life had a lot of things is futile, but we still want to experience.人生本来有很多事是徒劳无功的,但我们还是依然要经历。

6.The light at the end is worth the pain.当你最后看到那绚丽的光芒,就会明白,所有的痛,都是值得的。

7.To the time to life, rather than to life in time to the time to life, rather than to life in time.给时光以生命,而不是给生命以时光。

8.Good relationships dont just happen.They take time,patience and two people who truly want to be together.好的恋情不是偶然,它需要时间,耐心,和两个真正想在一起的人。

9.Some things, you hide it in my heart, perhaps better, so a long time, becomes the story...有些事,你把它藏在心里,也许还更好,等时间长了,也就变成了故事。

10.As you grow older, youll find the only things you regret are the things you didnt do.成长会让人明白,唯一后悔的只是那些自己不曾尝试的事。

11.Stop thinking too much, its alright not to know all the answers.别想太多,很多事情你不知道答案也没什么。

12.不要将生活幻想的那么圆,要知道四季不可能只有春天Dont take life fantasy so round, four seasons may not only in the spring, you know.

13.We all have a past. Its how you deal with it.每个人都有过去,只是取决于你怎么去处理。

14.Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out.美是从内到外做比较好的自己。

15.Fate as hand palm, no matter how tortuous, always in their own hands.命运如同手中的掌纹,无论多曲折,终掌握在自己手中。

16.Dont patronize others and take the wrong steps under your own feet.不要光顾着看别人,走错了自己脚下的路。

17.Worry is a waste of time, it will not change anything, can only spoil your head, and steal your happiness.忧虑就是浪费时间,它不会改变任何事,只能搅乱你的脑袋,偷走你的快乐。

18.Promise more,not to be,that is just alie.承诺再多,做不到,那也只不过还是谎言。

19.You will never understand my Ptended saying It doesnt matter.你永远不会明白,我那些假装的无所谓。

20.Im a slow walker, but I never walk back.我走得不快,但决不走回头路。

21.Lifes like rollercoaster, youre up youre down. Which means, however bad or good a situation is, itll change。生活就像坐过山车,有高峰,也有低谷,这意味着,无论眼下是好是坏,都只是暂时的。

22.Dont let the noise of others opinions drowns out your own inner voice, and most important,have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.别让别人的观念埋没了自己内在的声音,要有勇气跟随自己的心与直觉,这才是最最重要的。

23.Stop judging others by what you see. Because, what you see is what they want you to see.不要以你所见去评判别人。因为,你看见的,只是他们想让你看到的。

24.People come and go. But life is simply about those who care enough to stay.有些人会在你人生来了又走,但只要有那些愿意停留的人便已足够。

25.We say that you dont know what youve got until its gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, but you just thought youd never lose it.我们会说,直到失去了你才会知道拥有过什么。事实上,你一直知道你拥有什么,只是你以为你永远不会失去它。

26.Life is not only about survival; its a chain of moments of enjoyment.生活不仅仅是为了生存而生存,它是一串串的快乐时光。

27.Sometimes the hardest part isnt letting go, but rather learning to start over.有时,最困难的不是放手,而是学着如何开始。

28.Wake up everyday stronger than yesterday, face your fear and wipe your tears.每天醒来都要比前一天更强大,直视自己的畏惧,擦干自己的泪水。

29.Youre lucky enough to be different, never change.你很幸运能和别人不一样,不要改变你的特别。

30.Time is a versatile performer. It flies, marches on, heals all wounds, runs out and will tell.时间是个多才多艺的表演者。它能展翅飞翔,能阔步前进,能治愈创伤,能消逝而去,也能揭示真相。



〖Two〗、Happiness is always short, there is no way to go to learn to be brave.


〖Four〗、Youth is to fight, not to toss is to neglect oneself in the age of toss and turn, your passion has you to enjoy.


〖Six〗、Truth is the product of time, not of authority.

〖Seven〗、Happiness comes from forgetfulness.


〖Nine〗、A person's best state is that his eyes are full of stories, but his face is not frosty. Do not envy or laugh at anyone.


1〖One〗、When we know how to cherish ordinary happiness, we have become the winners of life.


1〖Three〗、If the enemy makes you angry, it means that you are not sure you can beat him.


1〖Five〗、If we throw our problems in a pile and look at others, we'll pick them up.


1〖Seven〗、Life is an invisible savings tank, and every effort you put in will not be wasted.

1〖Eight〗、There are three ways to be happy: willing, putting down and forgetting.


20、Always yearn for another life in one life, and then miss the present life, incidentally also lost the yearning life.


2〖Two〗、Don't let past sorrows or future worries ruin your present happiness.


2〖Four〗、How happy a person's appearance is, how many tears are there in his heart.


2〖Six〗、One day, when you look back suddenly, you will find that the one who gives you a lot of pain is also your salvation.


2〖Eight〗、Stick to your dreams, listen to the advice of your predecessors, and make fewer mistakes.


30、Weather affects the body, the body decides the mind, and the mind controls the mood.


3〖Two〗、It's more cost-effective to spend time with one or two intimate friends than to talk about a few fruitless relationships.


3〖Four〗、Don't check your life. Present and make the best use of it now


3〖Six〗、If life strips away ideals, dreams and fantasies, then life is just a bunch of empty shelves.


3〖Eight〗、Those who live for themselves are inferior; those who live for the opinions of others are insignificant; those who live for the happiness of others are noble.


40、When you are upset, remember three sentences: Come on, it doesn't matter, it will pass.


4〖Two〗、Clearly has been accustomed to loneliness, why still so greedy warmth.

4〖Three〗、It used to be too slow, but now it's too fast.

4〖Four〗、When the torch fell, the flame still went up.


4〖Six〗、Bathing in the beautiful and gentle morning sun, start a new day. Give a little soul sunshine, the soul will be brilliant.


4〖Eight〗、Open your eyes and give you a gentle blessing. May it bring you health, good luck and happiness every minute and every second.


50、It is self-evident that people who know you, and people who don't know you can't argue!


5〖Two〗、Our biggest mistake is to give the worst temper and the worst side to the closest people.


5〖Four〗、Learn to tolerate those who hurt themselves, because they are very poor, everyone has their own difficulties, everyone is not easy.


5〖Six〗、The most hurtful thing is that the person who made you feel special yesterday makes you feel dispensable today.


5〖Eight〗、Most people are sad not because they lost, but because others got it.


60、Give me a hand to soothe my restlessness, give me a hug, let me rely on exhaustion.


6〖Two〗、Everyone has a scar in his heart. Time is the best medicine.


6〖Four〗、Light candles, use good sheets and wear gorgeous underwear. Don't use it on special occasions. Today is a special day.


6〖Six〗、Those sceneries from the windows, like pictures, gallop, can not grasp the hands, can not warm the heart.


6〖Eight〗、When everything is quiet, suddenly found that habits are a terrible thing, people can not give up, forget.


70、Don't be angry, fight for it, see through it and make a breakthrough, procrastinate and take action.


7〖Two〗、Don't invite too many unrelated people into your life. There are some things you don't have to say to everyone.


7〖Four〗、Sometimes, we have to be strong, so in pretending to be strong, we really become stronger and stronger. It's true.


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